Proboscis monkey

IMG-20171229-WA0011 (1)In 2013 I traveled through Borneo, Indonesia and visited a few of the remaining Proboscis Monkey sanctuaries. While this monkey goes by various names,  the most interesting ones are Monyet Belanda (“Dutch monkey”), or even Orang Belanda (“Dutchman”), as the Indonesians remarked that the Dutch colonizers often had similarly large bellies and noses…

Just a few facts about their famous nose; Only male Proboscis have these large noses and besides that in their world it is a fantastic way to pick op lady monkey’s, it also has a clear function; it is to amplify warning calls. When threatened, blood will rush to their nose causing it to swell. The consequence of this swelling is that the nose acts as a resonating chamber which will amplify the monkey’s warning calls. Bigger is better in this case…

This beauty of a monkey only lives on the island of Borneo which is split between Indonesia and Malaysia. It conservation status is endangered. Its total population has decreased by more than 50% in the past 40 years due to ongoing habitat loss because of logging and oil palm plantations, and hunting in some areas due to the species being treated as a delicacy, as well as its use in traditional Chinese medicine.

Hopefully you can join me in ensuring that we, and future generations can enjoy this “Dutch Monkey”.

Below some links to organizations I believe make a difference in protecting the habitat needed for this monkey to survive.

Much appreciated!