Hello and welcome to my site.

My name is Michiel,  a Dutch man living in Prague. As the Dutch “ch” is often described by foreigners as a sound like clearing once throat, spitting or the noises that pigs make. I will make it easier; you can just call me Mike.

I really love the city of Prague, its streets, buildings, sites. Even though I have been living in Prague for quite some time I still go for long walks through Prague, looking at the city through the eyes of a tourist. There is so much to see.

Besides the well-known landmarks and monuments there are so many statues, memorial plagues, artworks and other curiosities, and I always wonder what the story is behind them.

With this site I want to share some of the history, artists and meaning behind Prague’s plaques, statues, street art and other curiosities.

If you like what you are reading and want to show your support, you will do me but especially the proboscis monkey a big favor by helping creating awareness, volunteering or donating to organizations dedicated to saving this animal from extinction.

I provided a bit more details about this Orang Belanda aka “the Dutch monkey” on the Proboscis Monkey’s page on this site.