Chotkovy Sady – Julius Zeyer

Julius ZeyerWhere: You can find this monument in Chotkovy sady, which is the public garden between Letna Park and the Royal garden. GPS: 50.093840, 14.408108 in Prague 1.

What: As mentioned on it, this monument commemorates Julius Zeyer. It was unveiled on September 16, 1913 and was created by the sculptor Josef Mauder (December 1, 1854 – November 15, 1920)  . The monument is in the shape of a cave which is made from granite with marble statues in it. The statues represent characters from Zeyer’s works. On the other side of the rock formation you can find a plaque with a list of those works in golden letters. 

Who: Julius Zeyer (April 26, 1841 – January 29, 1901) was a Czech writer, playwright and Romantic poet. Two of his most famous works are the poems Vyšehrad (1880), and Karolinská epopeja (1896). In his work he often blended foreign legends and history with national themes particular to Czech society and history.  He is buried in the famous Vyšehrad cemetery in Prague.

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