Ujezd – Memorial to the victims of Communism

IMG_0174[1]Where: The memorial of the victims of communism (in Czech: Pomník obětem komunismu) is located at the base of Petřín hill on Újezd street. GPS: 50.081164, 14.403984.

What: It shows a series of originally 7 bronze statues on a flight of 26 stairs. The statue in the front is complete but with every step the statues deteriorate more and more. It symbolizes the suffering felt by the victims of the Communist regime. The vertical bronze strip along the center shows the estimated people impacted by communism. It reads – Victims of Communism 1948-1989:

  • 205 486 condemned
  • 248 executed
  • 4500 died in prisons
  • 327 perished at the border
  • 170 938 people emigrated.

The ceremonial unveiling of the memorial was on the 22nd of May 2002.

Who: The memorial is the work of  Czech sculptor Olbram Zoubek (21 April 1926 – 15 June 2017) and architects Jan Kerel and Zdenek Hoelzel.

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