J. Plachty street – Memorial plaque Frantisek and Milka


IMG_0172Where: Jindřicha Plachty street, in Prague 5 on building number 3. Close to Smíchovská náplavka. GPS: 50.070823, 14.409652

What: On the plaque is written: “Here lived and were arrested František Pecháček wonderful Sokol worker, commander of the resistance organisation “Jindra” and his wife Milka Pecháčková. They were tortured to death in concentration camp Mauthausen, They sacrificed there lives for the freedom of the nation.”

Who: František Pecháček was a Czech gymnast who competed for Czechoslovakia in the 1920 Summer Olympics. During Wold War II František and his wife Milka were members the resistance organisation called “Jindra”. Illegal meetings were held in their apartment including meetings with the paratroopers responsible for the assassination of SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich in 1942.

As a retaliation for the successful assassination, the Nazis arrested large numbers of people who were interrogated, tortured and sent to concentration camps. František and Milka were among them. Both were arrested by the Gestapo and interrogated. Milka was later released, to hopefully lead the Gestapo to other members of the group. After she did not, she was arrested again.

The couple never met again. Both were sent to the concentration camp Mauthausen in Austria, though at different times. Milka was killed in the gas chamber on the 26th of January 1943 and František was executed om the 3rd of February 1944.


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