Naplavka: Noha (Foot)

IMG_0283[1]Where:  Below the Rašín Embankment  at Naplavka between Palackého bridge and Jiráskův bridge. GPS: 50.075085, 14.413565 and close to another sculpture called Baletka.

What: The sculpture name is Noha which means foot in Czech. It was created in 2008/2009 and was placed at its current location in 2017. The Foot is made from welded tubes and is of t he same material as the toilet screens at the same location. The sculpture is not only meant  for your eyes but also to sit on.

Who: The artist name is Lukáš Rais, born in 1975. His artwork focuses on transforming already shaped materials to create new forms and meaning. This is done in such a way that is should confuse viewers and give them the experience that nothing is as it seems. The main materials used by Lukáš Reis are metal pipes and their industrial products.

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