Palackeho namesti: Palacky Monument

Frantisek Palacky monumentWhere: Palackého námesti, near Palackého bridge. GPS 50.073167, 14.414865

What: This large statue is in honour of František Palacký. the construction started in 1901 and was unveiled in 1912. The bronze statues, around a sitting František represent the oppression and awakening of the people. The inscription reads “From the resurrected Nation, to its revivalist and leader”

Who: František Palacký (4 June 1798 – 26 May 1876) was a Czech historian and politician and considered one of the most influential persons of the Czech National Revival. The purpose of this movement was to revive Czech language culture and national identity. He is one of three men honored with the title ‘Father of the Nation’, the other two being the 14th-century emperor Charles IV and the first President of Czechoslovakia Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

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